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FaHCSIA Funding Resources (Australian residents only)

The “Helping Children with Autism Package” is a Federal Government initiative introduced in 2008. It allows families with a child under 6 to access up to $12,000.00 in early intervention services over 2 years ($6000.00 per financial year). Up to 35% of the funding can be used on appropriate resources to a maximum of $4200.00 in total ($2100.00 per financial year). This means that Inekards visual resources can be covered by your funding.


Ordering Process


This process does require some paperwork and the assistance of your FaHCSIA approved service provider. To see a current list of approved service providers across Australia please go to this link:
FaHCSIA approved service providers.

1. Download and print out your Inekards order form from this link: ORDER FORM PDF and fill out the resources you require with all of your details.

2. Send the Inekards order form to the approved Early Intervention Service provider along with a copy of your letter of Introduction from your Autism Advisor. The service provider can then enter you into the FaHCSIA Online Funds Management System (FOFMS).

3. Your service provider will then get you to fill in the following forms either via fax or in person.

• Form 1 Privacy Declaration needs to be signed in two places.

• Form 2 Consent to Claim Payment Form needs to be completed with your child’s name and your signature.

• Form 3 Service Delivery Record needs to be signed against the amount.

4. The Service provider then emails Inekards on your behalf with your order.

5. Inekards will invoice the service provider for the order.

6. When the claiming has been processed in the system and approved, your service provider must pay the Inekards invoice.

7. On receipt of payment Inekards will send out your order after all of the above steps have been completed. Orders can be sent to the service provider OR to your address whichever is preferable.



FaHCSIA approved service providers currently supplying Inekards to their clients.

If you are an Early Intervention Service Provider and would and would like to supply your clients with Inekards visual resources please do not hesitate to contact us OR phone Therese Potma (02) 9428 1882.

We have a service provider support program in place and our ordering process is very easy. We can send you out a product information pack straight away.

At the bottom of the page are the terms and conditions supplied by FaHCSIA for supplying resources to families.


New South Wales

ABA Link - Ph: (02) 9411 4618
Suite 5, Level 1, 112 – 114 Hampden Road, Artarmon NSW 1570

Annie’s Centre - Ph: (02) 9314 5793
Suite 2, 122a Belmore Road, Randwick NSW 2031

Aspire Early Intervention - Ph: (02) 9739 9798
Suite 107, 3 The Crescent, Wentworth Point NSW 2127

Early Start Speech Pathology - Ph: (02) 4955 5415
5/155 Nelson Street, Wallsend NSW 2287

Educare - Ph: (02) 4947 2910
2/24 Lake Street, Warners Bay NSW 2282

Gloria Clark – Speech Patholoist - Ph: (02) 4229 3462
126 Jacaranda Avenue, Figtree NSW 2525

Hunter Occupational Therapy Service - Ph: (02) 4933 0664
169 Lawes Street, East Maitland NSW 2323

Inclusive Education Practice - Ph: (02) 4392 9593
Suite 5, 5 Amy Close, Wyong North NSW 2259

Kaleidoscope Network - Ph: 0411 848 137

Kellie Knapton - Psychologist - Ph: 0415 578 027

Kempsey Early Intervention Program - Ph: (02) 6562 6491
32 Nicholson Street, Kempsey NSW 2440

Learning Links - Peakhurst - Ph: (02) 8525 8222

Lisa Whiteley Speech Pathology - Ph: (02) 4385 1352
Foresters Beach

The Lizard Centre - Ph: (02) 9904 8130
126 Greville Street, Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia

Manning & Great Lakes Early Intervention Services - Ph: (02) 6552 7333
33 Florence Street, Taree NSW 2430

Medcalf & Wolf Speech Pathology Services - Ph: (02) 4721 4766
Suite 2, Cama House, 22 Woodriff Street, Penrith NSW 2750

Momentum Learning Services - Ph: (02) 8084 4428
PO Box 124, Alexandria NSW 1435

PEDAL Early Childhood Intervention - Ph: (02) 6771 3477
127A Allingham Street, Armidale NSW 2350

Psychmatters - Ph: (02) 97362721
172 Majors Bay Rd, Concord NSW 2137

Sydney Child Psychology Centre - Ph: (02) 99601222
Level 1, Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, Brady Street, Mosman NSW 2088

Talking in Steps - Ph: 02 8786 1388
Unit 2, 134 Edensor Road, Bonnyrigg NSW 2177



Gateways Support Services Inc. – Ph: (03) 5221 2984
10-12 Albert Street Geelong West 3218

Mildura Kids Clinic – Ph: (03) 5021 5569
181 Walnut Ave Mildura VIC 3500

MPOWER – Ph: (03) 5021 5569
71 Koroit Street, Warnambool VIC 3280

Sensational Kids – Ph: (03) 9578 7560
Shop 4, 600 North Road, Ormond Melbourne VIC Australia

Speech 4 Kids – Ph: 1300 701 737
461 South Road, Bentleigh VIC 3189

Speech Expressions – Ph: (03) 9763 1126
114 Kellets Road, VIC 3178



Bundaberg Speech Pathology – Ph: (07) 4154 2999
93 Woongarra Street, Bunderberg QLD 4670

Child Health and Development Centre – Ph: (07) 4723 0777
421 Fulham Road, Heatley QLD 4814

Therapy Matters – Ph: (07) 5520 7860
4/43 Tallebudgera Creek Rd, West Burleigh QLD 4219


Western Australia

Robyn Weinstein Speech Pathology – Ph: (08) 9675 2630
15 Cossington Court, Dianella WA 6059

Therapy Central Rural Health Services
PO Box 380, Geraldton WA

TLC WA (Therapy Learning & Communication) – Ph: (08) 9301 1154
10 Eclair Lane, Joondalup WA 6027



Terms & Conditions

Helping Children with Autism Package
Increased Access to Early Intervention Component
Purchase of Intervention Resources Policy
Effective 15th May 2009
Policy Statement


1. Intervention resources can be purchased by families from providers delivering a specific intervention to that family under the Early Intervention Service Provider Panel with their early intervention funding.

2. Intervention resources must be used directly by the child as part of an eligible intervention being delivered by the provider and currently being accessed by the child under the Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) package. Therefore, intervention resources must form an integral part of the current delivery of the intervention under the HCWA package at the normal intervention delivery location.

3. Expenditure for intervention resources is limited to 35% of the family’s early intervention funding to a maximum of $4,200 in total ($2,100 per financial year). Families do not have to spend the full 35% of their early intervention funding on intervention resources. This portion of the funding can also be used (all or in part) for direct intervention.

4. The required intervention resources must also be included in the agreed initial individual treatment plan for the client.

5. The intervention resources must be provided to families directly by the provider from stock they provide as part of their normal business.

6. If the provision of an intervention resource is already included in the price of an intervention this can not be claimed a second time under the intervention resources policy.

7. The intervention resources must be available to all children receiving services from the provider, not just those receiving interventions as part of the HCWA funding. Intervention resources purchased from providers using the HCWA funding must remain the property of the family.

8. Intervention resource items that are NOT eligible to be purchased using the early intervention funding include, but are not limited to, toys, books, strollers, swings and outdoor play equipment, digital devices including computers and cameras and software products for computers and digital devices.

9. Requests or demands from families to purchase other healthcare products not covered in the intervention and individual treatment plan, or toys, books, strollers, swings and outdoor play equipment, digital devices including computers and cameras and software products for computers and digital devices, do not constitute reasonable grounds for providers to supply these products through the HCWA funding.

10. For a service provider to claim an intervention resource in FOFMS the family must first sign the service delivery record at the time of delivery of the intervention resource to the family.

11. Intervention resources must be claimed through FOFMS under the Case Claims Tab. When claiming for resources, select the Resource option from the Service Provider field. Select the unit of measure that corresponds to the intervention that the intervention resource was used in e.g. session. A claim in FOFMS for an intervention resource must include the intervention type and describe the intervention resource/s in the free text field, e.g. speech pathology - PECS cards.

12. Failure by providers to include a full description of the intervention resources purchased may result in the claim being cancelled by FaHCSIA. The provider will then need to resubmit the claim to FaHCSIA with the required information.

13. Providers must ensure that families do not exceed the 35% funding allocation, across all providers, for intervention resources or the $6,000 per financial year expenditure limit.

14. Providers should be aware that families are able to purchase intervention resources from other providers on the Panel that the families are receiving intervention from; either prior to or concurrently with the interventions and intervention resources they are currently accessing.

15. Regular monitoring of FOFMS that identifies spending in excess of this amount will result in payments not being processed.

16. Providers must ensure that all resources purchased by families with the early intervention funding are within the policy guidelines and the spending limit as outlined above.

17. Providers should be aware of their requirements under the Deed of Agreement to comply with FaHCSIA’s policies. See Part B, 6b of the Terms and Conditions of the Deed of Agreement. Providers should also be aware that random audits will be conducted to ensure that the intervention resource policy is being utilised in the correct manner.

18. Failure by providers to meet the requirements of this policy in delivering interventions and intervention resources may result in suspension from the Panel and/or investigation by the Commonwealth into allegations of the fraudulent claiming of Commonwealth funding.

19. The intervention resources policy and eligible intervention resources available under the HCWA Early Intervention Service Provider Panel are the decision of FaHCSIA. Exemptions or revisions will not be entered into with individual providers regarding eligible intervention resources from the date of effect of this policy.

20. FaHCSIA’s decision on the eligibility and definition of intervention resources funded through the HCWA package is final.

21. Please direct questions about this policy to your FaHCSIA contract manager.

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